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Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve Manufacturer

Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve

What is hydraulic pressure reducing valve? This is a self-contained and automatic pressure reducing valve that operates by use of hydraulic fluid. This valve is used to reduce high fluid pressure to consistent and usable pressure. This valve consists of a flexible diaphragm that controls the valve via an interconnected pin and a compression spring. The spring is loaded via …

Adjusting Pressure Reducing Valve

What is adjusting pressure reducing valve? This is a pressure-reducing valve that can be adjusted to vary the fluid pressure as necessary. This is a pressure control valve. Adjusting pressure reducing valve manufacturers produce this valve for use in different applications where it ensures constant reduced pressure in a piping system. It helps to correct fluid flow pressure which then …

PRV valve

PRV Valve

What is PRV valve?  PRV means pressure reducing valve. A PRV valve is a control valve used to reduce high unregulated inlet pressure to constant outlet pressure despite the fluctuations in the upstream pressure. A PRV valve reduces excess pressure in a piping system. This valve is also known as pressure reducing regulator. PRV valves are used in applications such …

Wafer Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Wafer Butterfly Valve

What is a wafer butterfly valve?  This is a butterfly valve that is sandwiched between two pipe ends. The pipe ends are in terms of flanges with holes. Long bolts are used to surround the valve body to hold it firmly in its position. The bolts cross the whole valve body. Wafer butterfly valve manufacturers design this valve with or …

Manual Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Manual Butterfly Valve

What is a manual butterfly valve?  This is a butterfly valve that is operated using a handwheel or hand lever. A valve operator is needed to start and stop the valve. This valve works by turning the handle which then turns the disc so that it can open or close the fluid flow as necessary. The opening and closing operations …

Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve

What is an electric actuated butterfly valve?  This is a butterfly valve that is operated using an electric actuator. It is a quarter-turn valve that uses a rotary disc to start, throttle or stop fluid flow through a piping system. The rotational disc is mounted on the fluid passageway. This disc is controlled by the electric actuator via a shaft …

Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

What is stainless steel butterfly valve?  A stainless steel butterfly valve is a valve that is made of stainless steel material. Although this valve is made of steel, other internal components like seats, seals, O-rings, and gaskets can be made of different materials like plastic, rubber or other material. The type of material used to make those internal components determines …

Flanged Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Flanged Butterfly Valve

What is a flanged butterfly valve?  This is a butterfly valve that is designed with flanges on both inlet and outlet faces. A flange is a flat surface that makes a connection between a valve and the pipe very easy and free from leakage. Butterfly valve flange type has its flanges with holes. The pipe end to be connected to …

Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

What is a pneumatic butterfly valve?  This is a butterfly valve that operates using a pneumatic actuator. A pneumatic butterfly valve uses compressed air to open and close the valve. These valves are under the category of quarter turn valves. As such, the valve disc makes a quarter turn angle to start or stop fluid flow. Pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturers …

Lug Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Lug Butterfly Valve

What is a lug butterfly valve?  This is a valve designed with threaded lugs outside the body. These threaded lugs are used to contain bolts used to connect the valve to the pipeline. This type of valve is installed into the piping system by placing it in between two pipe flanges. A tight seal is enhanced by mounting a gasket …

Gear Operated Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Gear Operated Butterfly Valve

What is gear operated butterfly valve?  This is a manual butterfly valve that uses gears to enhance torque multiplication. Gear-operated butterfly valves have the gear system connected to the handwheel through a short shaft. This allows the torque applied by the valve operator to go direct to the gear system. The torque is then multiplied through a system of gears …

Double Flanged Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Double Flanged Butterfly Valve

What is a double-flanged butterfly valve? This is a butterfly valve designed with two flanged ends on the inlet and outlet ports of the valve. This type of valve is installed in a pipeline that has flanges. The flanges on the pipeline must have the same size as those on the valve. Double flanged butterfly valve manufacturers produce these valves …

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