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※ Fire Safe Design
※ Anti Blow Out Stem
※ Size Range: NPS 2 to NPS 28
※ Class Range: 150LB to 2500LB
※ Design STD.: API6D/ API608/ ISO17292
※ Double block and bleed Valve Manufacturer & Supplier

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The DBB valve is short for double block and bleed valve. It is composed of two ordinary ball valves, two ball valves connected together, and share an inlet end.  The double block and bleed ball valve is actually a product designed to replace multiple connections between conventional valves, as the name implies it is a double block and bleed ball valve, the difference between this DBB valve and the conventional one is that it can well solve the leakage that occurs during system operation, can be more quickly achieved closure and discharge operation. This DBB ball valve is a new type of valve, the current market is widely used.

The double block and bleed valve can be divided into an integrated DBB valve and a split DBB valve according to the structure. The main feature of the DBB ball valve is that it has good sealing performance, mainly because there is a sealing gasket under the valve stem of the ball valve, such a gasket to take the reverse seal design, mainly because this design method can effectively make the sealing ability become larger as the medium pressure inside the valve increases. This design will make the valve sealing effect better. In addition, when the valve is subjected to special reasons to increase the pressure, the stem will not be flushed out by the pressure, so the safety factor of the valve operation will be higher.

The double block and bleed ball valve also appeared with the market demand, in the past, under the corresponding working conditions, multiple ball valves were connected together, which not only was very troublesome to install, but also leaked the internal media of the valve during product operation. This not only does not guarantee the smooth operation of the equipment, but also to a large extent there will be hidden safety problems.

After the launch of the double block and bleed valve, the above problems have been solved, not only can save the time and space of installation, but also effectively reduce the pressure problems that occur in the system operation of the product, the cleaning and maintenance of the DBB valve is also very simple and convenient, so that the cost of the product during operation can be effectively reduced, and the operating efficiency and the benefits it brings can be better improved, therefore, the double block bleed valve is very popular in the market.

Double block and bleed valve can meet the requirement of two outlets at the same place, and each outlet can be independently controlled. It has the characteristics and advantages of simple structure and convenient operation. it can be widely used in water, oil products, gas pipelines, and especially for gas pipelines such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene.

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