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Piston Check Valve

Forge Valve

※ Size Range: NPS 1/2 to NPS 4
※ Pressure Range: 150LB to 2500LB
※ Design STD.: API602
※ Test STD.: API598
※ Piston Check Valve Manufacturer

  • Specifications

The main advantage of the piston check valve has simple structure. Since the conical valve flap is the only moving part, the valve is sturdy and durable and require little maintenance. Wear is very little due to the metal seat structure. The limitation of the lift check valve is that it must be installed on a horizontal pipeline.

The lift check valve with metal-to-metal sealing allows a small amount of leakage, it is only suitable for occasions where the requirements for sealing of backflow are not very strict. It is generally used in water systems. It is usually used to prevent the condensation reflux of steam traps, also used for the outlet of centrifugal pumps of condensate pipeline.

The valve flap of the lift check valve works automatically. Generally, a conical valve flap is pressed against the metal valve seat between the inlet and outlet of the valve. A spring is installed to the valve flap for preload. When the fluid is flowing forward, under the action of fluid pressure, the conical valve flap disengages from the valve seat and the valve opens. When reflux, the valve flap will fall back to the valve seat under the combined action of its own weight, spring force (if spring preload is provided) and fluid return pressure, and the valve will be closed.

The structure of the lift check valve has many similarities with the globe valve, in which the valve body is exactly the same as the globe valve body and can be used universally. The form of the valve flap is similar to the valve flap of the globe valve. The upper part of the valve flap and the lower part of the bonnet is provided with a set of guide shafts, valve flap guide shaft can be free to lift within the bonnet guide sleeve. The purpose of using the guide sleeve is to ensure that the valve flaps fall correctly on the seat. A pressure relief hole is machined on the upper part of the bonnet guide sleeve, and when the valve flap rises, the media inside the sleeve is drained to reduce the resistance when the valve flap is opened. The lift check valve is reliable, but the flow resistance is large, and it is suitable for smaller size situations.

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