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Globe Valve

※ Swivel Plug Disc
※ Size Range: NPS 2 to NPS 24
※ Pressure Range: 150LB to 2500LB
※ Design STD.: API 600/ ASME B16.34
※ Flange Globe Valve Manufacturer

  • Specifications

A flange globe valve is a valve where the closure part (valve flap) moves along the centerline of the valve seat. According to this form of movement of the valve flap, the change of the valve seat port is proportional to the stroke of valve flap. Because the stroke of opening or closing of the valve stem of this type of valve is relatively short, and has a very reliable cut-off function, and because the change of the seat port is proportional to the stroke of the flap, making flange globe valve ideal for regulating flow. Therefore, the flange globe valve is ideal for shutting-off or regulating and throttling.

tee type globe valve

The working principle and characteristics of the flange globe valve

As an extremely important cut-off type valve, the flange globe valve is sealed by applying torque to the stem, and the stem applies pressure to the valve flap in the axial direction, so that the sealing surface of valve flap and the sealing surface of valve seat closely fit together to prevent the medium from leaking along the gap between the sealing surfaces.

The sealing pair of the flange globe valve is composed of the valve flap sealing surface and the valve seat sealing surface. The stem drives the valve flap to move vertically along the centerline of the valve seat. During the opening and closing process, the opening height is small, easy for flow adjustment, and easy to manufacture and maintain, with a wide range of pressure application.

The advantages and disadvantages of the flange globe valve

A. The flange globe valve has the following advantages:

  1. Simple structure, more convenient to manufacture and repair.
  2. Small working stroke, short opening, and closing times.
  3. Good sealing, low friction between sealing surfaces, and long life.

B. The disadvantages of the flange globe valve are as follows:

  1. The fluid resistance is large, the force required for opening and closing is greater.
  2. Not suitable for media with particles, high viscosity, and easy to coking.
  3. Poor adjustment performance.

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