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Ball Valve

※ Fire Safe Design
※ Anti Blow Out Stem
※ Size Range: NPS 2 to NPS 28
※ Class Range: 150LB to 2500LB
※ Design STD.: API6D/ API608/ ISO17292
※ Top Entry Ball Valve Manufacturer

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The top entry ball valve is easy and quick to remove on the pipeline, and the repair is convenient and fast. When the valve fails on the pipeline and needs to be repaired, it is not necessary to remove the valve from the pipeline, only remove the medium flange bolts and nuts, remove the bonnet and stem assembly together from the valve body, and then remove the sphere and valve seat assembly. You can repair the sphere and valve seat on the pipeline. This repair saves time and minimises production losses.

The top entry ball valve is divided into floating top entry ball valves and trunnion mounted top entry ball valves.

  • The floating top entry ball valve nominal size rang is ≤ DN200. A compression spring is applied to the sphere, the role of the compression spring is to apply pretension force on the sphere, so that the sealing surface of the valve seat in any case close contact, with good sealing performance. The wedge angle of the valve seat and the contact surface of the valve body is 10 degrees, the valve seat is self-locking, and in the direction of the pipeline, the valve seat does not produce any displacement when the valve seat is under greater pressure. Therefore, the floating top entry ball valve with this structure has both the characteristics of the gate valve and the advantages of the ball valve. In the repair inspection found that the valve body and valve seat prone to leakage, if the spring is increased pretension force, is bound to increase the ball valve closing torque. In order not to increase the closing torque of the top entry ball valve, add a rubber O-ring on the back of the sealing surface of valve seat to solve the leakage problem on the back of the sealing surface of the valve seat.
  • The disadvantage of the trunnion mounted top entry ball valves is that the spring pretension force can not be adjusted and controlled, and the spring compression during assembly is large, the assembly is difficult. To solve this problem, ANSI SS302 is adopted for the spring material to replace SS304.  The ANSI SS302 spring stiffness is good and its corrosion resistance is similar to the SS304. In addition, the spring seat and adjustment nut are added, the thread is turned on the outer circle of the valve seat and the spring seat respectively, the spring is pressed into the spring seat with the adjustment nut, and the valve seat assembly is loaded into the valve body. It is convenient to install the sphere because the spring has been compressed before the sphere is installed. When the sphere is assembled, the adjusting nut is withdrawn from the spring seat and the spring has less pretension on the sphere. If you want to increase the pretension force, you can adjust the adjustment nut.

The top entry ball valve is widely used in oil and gas pipelines, and oil extraction, refining, petrochemical, chemical industry, chemical fibre, metallurgy, electric power, nuclear power, food, paper making and other equipment.

NTGD valve is professional top entry ball valve manufacturer. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us

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