Non Slam Check Valve


※ Resilient or Metal Seat
※ Size Range: NPS 2 to NPS 36
※ Pressure Range: 150LB to 2500LB
※ Design STD.: ASME B16.34
※ Non Slam Check Valve Manufacturer


The non slam check valve refers to the automatic opening and closing valve disc that rely on the flow of the medium itself, which is used to lower the noise when open or close, also known as nozzle check valve. The non slam check valve belongs to an automatic valve. Its main functions are to prevent back flow of the medium, prevent the pump and drive motor from reversing, and release the medium of the container. The non slam check valve can also be used to supply lines in which replenish the auxiliary system where the pressure may rise above the system pressure.

The purpose of the non slam check valve is to prevent the flow in the opposite direction, allowing only the media to flow in one direction. Usually this valve is automatic, The valve disc opens under the pressure of the fluid flowing in one direction; when the fluid flow in the opposite direction, due to the fluid pressure and the self-coincidence of the valve disc, the valve disc acts on the valve seat, thereby cutting off the flow. It is not suitable for media containing solid particles and high viscosity.

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