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High Pressure Globe Valve Application and Troubleshooting

March 12, 2023

High-pressure globe valves are types of globe valves designed for use in high pressure and high temperature. The valve is operated by use of a manual actuator, or it is automated through an electric or pneumatic actuator. It operates when torque is applied on the handwheel and transmitted via a component known as the stem to the valve disc. The valve disc is tasked with shutting off, starting, and regulating fluid flow. When the stem moves up, it moves with the disc, opening the valve and allowing fluid flow. When it moves downwards, it forces the valve disc to the seat, ensuring zero fluid flow and zero leakage.

The advantages of high-pressure globe valves are suitable for throttling, versatile in size and application, durable, and have high strength for high temperatures and pressure. Applications of these valves are steam power plants, chemicals, oil and gas, and boiler systems, among others. Among the main types of valves made by high-pressure glove valve manufacturers are the Z-pattern valve, angle pattern valve, Y-pattern valve, electric valve, pneumatic valve, welded end valve, and flanged end valve, among others.

Applications of high-pressure globe valves 

High-pressure globe valves are used in various applications such as:

  •  Steam power plants.
  • Chemical processing and manufacturing plants.
  • Boiler feed water systems to control steam and water.
  • Oil and gas industries.

Advantages of high-pressure globe valves 

  • These valves are of high strength, allowing their use in high temperatures and pressure.
  • They perform well in regulating and shut-off flow.
  • High-pressure globe valves are highly versatile as they are used in various industrial applications.
  • They are highly durable, primarily if used according to the high-pressure globe valve manufacturer’s instructions.
  • They are repairable.
  • They are of simple design, making repair and cleaning easy.

Disadvantages of high-pressure globe valves 

  • These valves are more expensive relative to other globe valves.
  • These valves have high-pressure drop, which can affect the pumping head.
  • High-pressure globe valves need more torque to open and close.
  • They are relatively thick, making them heavy.

Troubleshooting high-pressure globe valves 

Fluid leakage through the packing 

  • Damaged or worn-out packing. Replace the packing.
  • Loose packing. Tightened the packing.
  • Insufficient packing rings. Add more packing rings.

Leakage between seals 

  • Worn out or damaged seals. Replace the seals.
  • Dirt on the sealing surface. Clean off the dirt.

Leakage between the body and bonnet joint 

  • Loose bolts. Tighten the bolts and nuts to attain the torque the high-pressure globe valve manufacturer recommends.
  • Damaged or worn-out metal sealing ring. Replace the sealing ring.

Handwheel cannot turn flexibly 

  • The packing is too tight. Tighten the packing but do not make it too loose, as it may cause leakage.
  • Stem nut damaged. Replace stem nut.
  • Dirt on stem nut. Clean off the dirt.
  • Crooked gland. Rectify the gland.
  • Stem threads are worn out. Replace the stem.
  • Bent on the stem. Rectify the stem or replace it as necessary.

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