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Top Valve Suppliers in South Africa

November 2, 2020

Valves are devices that regulate the flow and pressure inside the system or operation. They are key components of a pipe network that conveys liquids, oils, vapors, slurry, etc.

Various types of valves are available under the effort to valve suppiers in south africa: gate, globe, plug, ball, butterfly, etc. All of these types have a range of types, each of which has various characteristics and operational capabilities. Few valves are self-operated and some are operated manually or using a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator.

Valves are one of the most important components in both manufacturing and technology industries; thus, the valve manufacturers in South Africa are in high demand as they play a very critical role in industrial uses, commercial uses, or even residential uses, which is why the need for industrial valves is growing significantly.

Here is a list of valve suppliers in South Africa.

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Valve suppliers in Johannesburg

• LVSA GROUP (PTY) LTD, Johannesburg, South Africa.

• Macneil Steel & Valves, Johannesburg, South Africa.

• Kerr Valve & Industrial Suppliers (PTY) LTD, Johannesburg, South Africa.

• D & D Valve & Engineering Supplies (PTY) LTD, Johannesburg, South Africa.

• Invincible Valve (PTY) LTD, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Valve suppliers in Gauteng

• Heaton Valves Africa, Gauteng, South Africa.

• Precision Valve S A (PTY) LTD, ROSSLYN, South Africa.

• Valve & Automation (PTY) LTD, Gauteng, South Africa

• Industrial Valve & Engineering Supplies (PTY) LTD, Kempton Park, South Africa.

• AVK Southern Africa, Gauteng, South Africa.

Ball Valve suppliers in South Africa

A ball valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion valve which employs a ball-shaped disc to stop or start the flow. When the valve is opened, the ball rotates to the point that the opening in the ball is in line with the inlet and exit of the body of the valve. If the valve is closed, the ball is adjusted so that the hole is perpendicular to the openings of the valve body and the flow is stopped.

Macneil Steel and Valves:

Founded in 1983, the company has an excellent knowledge of the local, Sub-Saharan Africa, and international valve markets.

A full bore or reduced bore configuration could be available for the MSV ball valve line. It could be made of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and chrome-plated brass. The seats can be constructed from PTFE with graphite packaging. These valves may have sizes ranging from 8 mm to 200 mm and pressure ratings ranging from Class 150 to Class 300.

Solenoid Valve suppliers in South Africa

Usually used to regulate the flow or direction of air or liquid in fluid power systems, solenoid valves are electrically powered valves. The spool or poppet configuration of most solenoid valves, used in both pneumatic and hydraulic fluid control functions, makes them suitable for different functions and applications.

Bray Controls Africa:

Bray offers two kinds of solenoid valves, the Series 63 and Series 60. Bray Series 63 can be used with either spring return or double-acting actuators where electrical activity on / off is needed. Devices have 1/2 “NPT conduit connexions and PG9 cable gland connectors have IP65 DIN devices, also available with 1/2” NPT conduit adapters. The coils are recognized by UL and approved by CSA. The solenoids of all Series 63 hold the CE mark.

Bray Series 60 has a Direct mount NAMUR Interface and supports temperature range of 0F -123F (-18D – 50C) and has a feature to get convertible from 3-way (3/2) to 4-way (5/2).

Butterfly valve suppliers in South Africa

The Butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion valve that is used to shut, control, and begin the flow. Butterfly valves are easy and quick to open. A complete closing or opening of the valve is given by a 90 ° rotation of the handle. Usually, large butterfly valves are fitted with a so-called gearbox, where the handwheel is attached to the stem by gears. This simplifies the valve’s operation, but the operation slows down a little.

LVSA Group

LVSA Group provides a wide range of Triple-Offset Butterfly Valves in a variety of design types and materials to meet essential process specifications in a variety of industries such as hydrocarbons, electricity, chemicals & fertilizers, water, etc.

The product range includes valves in ASME grades up to 1500, in sizes up to 100 “(2500 mm), in carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel, ideal for temperatures as high as 538° C.

Electric Water valve suppliers in South Africa

The electric water valve is commonly used in the pipeline water control industry. When the voltage is applied to the electric valve, the coil is magnetized and attracts the plunger that changes the internal valve. This electrical valve is attached to a conduit where the liquid flows. There’s a diaphragm inside the valve. When the coil is energized, the diaphragm moves up and the water flows.

RS Components (SA), Midrand, South Africa.

Pressure relief valve suppliers in South Africa

A Pressure Relief Valve is a protective mechanism intended to safeguard a pressurized vessel or structure from overpressure. An overpressure case refers to any situation that will cause pressure in a vessel or structure to rise above the prescribed design pressure or maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP).

The primary use of a pressure relief valve is to protect life and property by venting fluid from a pressurized vessel or a pipe.

Industrial Valve and Engineering Supplies

Industrial Valve and Engineering Supplies is a retailer of various types of industrial valves and also strainers and steam traps. The company sells seven forms of pressure relief valves. The valve is made of stainless-steel ball with PTFE trims. The hydrostatic test pressure can be up to 42 bar for the shell and 23 bar for the seats. These valves can tolerate temperatures ranging from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius. Both valves are manufactured in South Africa.

Diaphragm valve suppliers in South Africa

The diaphragm valve is a bi-directional, on-off throttle valve. They are used to regulate fluid flow by controlling the region where the media will enter and leave the valve, thereby adjusting the speed and velocity. They are so-called “diaphragm” valves because the opening and closure of the valve are operated by a thin, flexible membrane.

Macneil Steel and Valves:

Company provides Saunders Diaphragm valve made of Cast Iron body with a wide variety of lining and diaphragm grades available to accommodate the individual application. Sizes: between 15 mm and 350 mm.

Gate valve suppliers in South Africa

Gate valves are designed for the operation that is completely open or fully closed. They are installed as insulating valves in pipelines and cannot be used as valves for control or regulation.

When minimal pressure loss and a free bore is required, gate valves are used. A standard gate valve has no obstruction in the flow path when completely open, resulting in a very low-pressure loss.

AVK Southern Africa

a valve production company, has set the benchmark for manufacturing custom-designed valves at the highest standards of efficiency, reliability, and value for 30 years in the South African valve industry. The industry has been leading to manufacturing high-quality Gate, Butterfly, Tilting Disk, Damper, Non-Return, Ball, Mining Cock, and Diaphragm valves for the most challenging industries and application by their highly experienced team.

Valve manufacturing companies in South Africa

Finding the best valve manufacturers in South Africa can be a stressful job when you have a lot to pick from. Top valve firms frequently have more inventory because they understand their customers need their offerings at the earliest opportunity. In addition to their customer service are preventive valve maintenance and repairs facilities. The best producers and producers of valves often provide some customization options in order to provide customers with a premium product.

Some leading manufacturers are:

• AVK Southern Africa, Gauteng, South Africa.

• Ithuba Valves & Industrial Supplies, Gauteng, South Africa.

• Process Valve Corp., Durban, South Africa.

• Valco Group SA, Cape Town, South Africa.


The number of industrial valve manufacturers in South Africa has steadily increased over the last few years. This is attributed to the rise in the demand for several new South African vendors. These industries are keeping up with the rapidly rising market for industrial valves in the country’s economy. We have provided you with a list of the leading valve manufacturers in South Africa. We also added crucial statistics about the goods sold by these firms, as well as other relevant information, so that you can limit your choices.



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