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Top 9 Valve Suppliers In UAE

November 6, 2020

UAE is globally known for its offshore sector, valves play a vital role in the Oil and Gas Industry. Due to this, there are a number of valves manufacturers in UAE and have a huge market share in the industrial supply market.

Industrial valves have a very common role in many industries owing to their use. They are known to be used in industries for oil, steam, chemical, gasoline and water systems, etc. Rather than anything else, they are often used to maintain stability and efficiency in the operation, ensuring that processes function smoothly as desired and needed.

There are many valve suppliers in UAE market providing various types of valves such as gate, globe, plug, ball, butterfly, etc. All of these have a range of types, each of which has various characteristics and operational capabilities. Few valves are self-operated and some are manual or using a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator.

Here we are providing a list of valve suppliers in UAE.


Top Valve suppliers in Dubai

• Al Hakim Flow Control Valves LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• Al Zerwa Trading Co. LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• VBG Intech Valves Manufacturing LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• Gerab National Enterprises LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• ValTorque Valves Trading LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Top Valve Stockist in UAE

• B & D Italian Valves FZCO, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• Appolo Industrial Products LLC, Ajman, Unite Arab Emirates

• Camtech Manufacturing FZCO, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• AVK Gulf DMCC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• AIV Inc., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• Speciality Valve Stockist, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• Val Mark Valves and Pipeline Supplies, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Top Butterfly Valve suppliers in UAE

Butterfly valves belong to the quarter-turn valve family which operates pretty similar to ball valves. The “butterfly” is a disc that is attached to a rod. It closes when the disk is moved by a quarter turn to a position perpendicular to the flow direction. The disc is rotated back when the valve is opened to allow the flood.

Butterfly valves are used for on-off or regulating services and are common as they are light-weight, low assembly footprint, lower costs, easy operation, and availability in very large sizes. These valves may be operated by means of handles, gears, or automated actuators.

Al Hakim Flow Control Valves LLC

Al Hakim Flow Control Valves LLC is a leading butterfly valve supplier in UAE. They supply a range of Triple Offset Butterfly valves, a High-performance butterfly valve and a Resilient seated butterfly valve follows a design standard of API 609/ ASME B16.34.


Top Ball Valve Suppliers in UAE

A ball valve is a quarter turning valve that controls the movement of a hollow, perforated, and pivoting ball. When the hole of the ball is in contact with the flow, it is open and closed when the valve handle pivots 90 degrees. When open, the handle is smooth and perpendicular to the flow and is closed, making it easy to check the valve’s status.

For most process and utility applications, the floating ball Valves is the universal choice. Camtech floating ball valves are equipped with advanced sealing technologies.  This ensures a very sturdy, tough valve that can withstand stress and unexpected pipe pressures with a stem seal that increases the life of the working cycle and a standardised overall design that holds parts in stock to a minimum. These valves are fire-safe tested according to API 607.


Top Solenoid Valve Suppliers in UAE

The solenoid valve is a valve that is electrically operated. The valve employs a solenoid, an electrical coil with a movable ferromagnetic core (plunger) in the middle of the valve. The plunger closes a wide orifice in the resting place. The electrical current through the coil generates a magnetic field. The magnetic field exerts an outward force on the plunger exposing the orifice. This is the fundamental concept used to open and shut solenoid valves.

Emerson Electric

Emerson Electric company’s solenoid valves provide industry standards for quality, adaptability, and energy efficiency. Either application needs direction control, relative or compact valve technology, their world-class engineers produce goods and custom devices assemblies for food processing, surgical equipment, industrial, oil and gas, and many other industries. Reliable, resilient, and cutting-edge, their solenoid valves rise to the challenges of automation today.


Gate Valve Suppliers in UAE

Gate Valves are bi-directional multi-purpose valves used for insulation services and are available in different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, exotic steel.

Dutco Tennant LLC

Dutco Tennant LLC’s Gate Valves are available in different types based on the application used, such as Wedge Gate Valve (API 600 & API6D), By Conduit Gate Valve, Parallel Slide Gate Valves, etc.

Gate valves are used in a broad variety of industrial applications, including Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Power, Allied processes, and even facilities such as corrosive and cryogenic.


Top Pegler Valve UAE

Pegler is well known and regarded as one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative plumbing, heating, and engineering supplies. It is a reputation gained by a complete commitment to quality, creativity, and customer care that has been the trademark of the company since it was founded in the 1890s initially trading as Pegler Ltd and Yorkshire Fittings Ltd.

Pegler Ltd and Yorkshire Fittings Ltd

Pegler’s unique integrated piping solution incorporates valves, fittings, and pipes into one complete pipework system, with a focus on providing heat-free jointing. IPS brings the best aspects of the advanced connector and valve technologies with international standard approvals and cost-effective solutions for every project.


Top Globe Valve suppliers in UAE

A Globe valve is a linear motion valve developed primarily for stopping, starting, and regulating the flow. It can be separated entirely from the flow path of a Globe disc or the flow path can be closed completely.

For isolation and throttling facilities, traditional Globe valves may be used. Although the pressure drops in these valves are much higher than direct through valves (e.g., gate, plug, ball, etc.), the pressure drop via the valve does not constitute a controlling factor.

Samamat Flow Control L.L.C

Samamat Flow Control L.L.C. is a valve-making and valve repair firm based in the UAE for the industries of processes and power and energy. Samamat has state-of-the-art production facilities that produce high-quality valves to satisfy local and foreign customers’ unique specifications. A professional team of highly-skilled and ingenious technicians maintains this modern facility, making sure the valves are consistently high in efficiency and meet with global standards.


Top Y Strainer suppliers in UAE

Y strainers, employ perforated or wire mesh strainers, mechanically separate solids from fluids like steam, gas, or liquid pipes, and are used to protect machinery. The filtering screen in the strainer prevents solid impurities in the media on the system as media pass through the screen, which permits clean fluid to flow in and out of the filter outlet as the size of the screen hole can be adjusted based on impurity size.

ANBI General Trading LLC

ANBI General Trading LLC has the best tool for your use, from a basic low-pressure iron threaded strainer to a large and exclusive high-pressure device with a unique cap setup. Strainers are provided in a wide range of ANSI classes and materials.

ANBI is a leading provider in Dubai, UAE to pressure reduce valve components. In other terms, for all your valve queries ANBI has solutions.



In the past few years the ranking of the UAE manufacturers of industrial valves has gradually improved. This is attributed to the rise of many new valve suppliers in the UAE market. These businesses satisfy the rapidly rising need for industrial valves in the country’s competitive economy.


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