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Top Valve Manufacturers In Europe

November 30, 2020

Europe is a manufacturing and technology hub for Industrial valves. There are many industrial valve manufacturer in Europe with vast experience in valve manufacturing. Here in this article, we have provided some of the best Industrial and Automation Valve manufacturers in Europe


Top Ball Valve Manufacturer In Europe

In a ball valve, the hollow sphere (the ball) resides tightly within the shaft, totally blocking the flow of fluid. When you turn the knob, the ball will rotate by ninety degrees, causing the fluid to flow through the center of it.

Bohmer Ball Valve, Sprockhovel, Germany.

Established: 1956

Website: https://www.boehmer.de/en/home/

Valve Types: Fully Welded, Split Body, Buried, Multi-way ball valves, etc.

Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001, API 6D and API 6SS, PED (CE), GOST/EAC, CRN.

BOHMER is one of the leading producers of ball valves in the world. They deliver the optimal ball valve for your application by careful coordination of design, technologies, and materials.

Böhmer has been a synonym for safety and total durability for more than 60 years.  Strength: For your particular use, DN3 to DN 1400 (1/8-56 inch) ball valves.

In all fields of manufacturing, as well as in the oil and gas industry, Böhmer valves are used effectively. Likewise, in pipes and networks for district heating.


Top Butterfly Valve Manufacturer In Europe

Butterfly valves are most commonly used to control the passage of gases, liquids, or slurry. Since they can be built with reference to particular pressure specifications and patterns of usage, their implementations are rather large.

Butterfly valves have a range of advantages over alternative flow control methods, as they are quick, affordable, have low maintenance, simple installation, and are leak proof.

ABO Valve, s.r.o., Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Established: 1993

Website: https://www.abovalve.com/en/

Valve Types: Concentric Butterfly Valve (Series 600, 900, ALU line), Double Flanged Butterfly Valve, etc.

Certification: TUV, GOST R, Lloyd’s Register, ABS, DVGW, or API 609-0068.

ABO is a maker of high-quality industrial valves with over 2 decades of experience. In the chemical, oil & gas, power, and shipbuilding markets, ABO specializes in resilient seated butterfly valves, PTFE lined butterfly valves, as well as double and triple offset high-efficiency valves.


Top Control Valve Manufacturer In Europe

The control valve regulates the passing fluid, such as gas, steam, water, or chemical compounds, to help make up for the load interference and to keep the controlled process variable near to the required set point. There are two key types of control valve designs based on the operation of the clamping device: sliding or rotary.

Tecnologías ECONTROL SL, Tarragona, Spain.

Established: 1970s.

Website: https://www.econtrolvalves.com/index.html

Valve Types: VC-100 series globe, VC-100-AR self-regulated, VM-200 high-performance Control Valve, etc.

Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and BS OHSAS 18001.

ECONTROL is the undisputed European leader in the design, production, manufacturing, and operation of control valves. About 5,000 control valves are produced and shipped from ECONTROL Spain every year.

The ECONTROL VC-100 and VC-101 globe control valves are a trusted product in the regulation service. The VC-100s are the key contribution of ECONTROL to all process industries in Europe and worldwide and have been in operation consistently for the last three decades.


Top Gate Valve Manufacturer In Europe

The gate valves open and shut the pipes by lowering the metal gates. Most of these valves are designed either to be fully opened or completely closed and cannot work properly if they are partially open. The water supply pipelines often use valves like this.

Maverick Valves Manufacturing HQ BV, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Established: 2000

Website: https://www.maverickvalves.com/

Valve Types: Gate, Wedge, Fabricated Through Conduit Valve, etc.

Certification: ISO 9001, API 600, API 609, API 6D, etc.

Maverick Valves Manufacturing HQ BV specializes in the production and delivery of conventional and custom-made valves in high alloy steel and titanium.

Maverick manufactures and distributes specially-designed valves according to customer specifications in different grades of high alloy materials. Sizes range from 1⁄2″ to 56″ (DN15-DN1400), class ratings from 150 lbs to 4500 lbs (PN16-PN420).


Top Globe Valve Manufacturer In Europe

Water faucets are examples of globe valves. When the handle is twisted, a valve may be screwed up or down and pressurized water flows in and out of the bottom of a shaft. In relation to a door or sluice, such a valve may be balanced for more or less fluid.

Lead Valve (UK), London, UK.

Established: 1970

Website: http://www.leadvalve.co.uk/

Valve Types: DIN Bellows, API Globe Valve, Etc.

Certification: API/BS/EN/AWWA/ISO etc.

LEAD (UK) is a technology-based company and has begun valve engineering within Oil & Gas Sector, and after 8 years of growth, LEAD (UK) has started a workshop on industrial pipeline valves and has expanded the range of products with Gate/Globe/Check Valves step by step for Oil & Gas and Water Works Treatment. In 2008, Lead Valve increased its production capacity to suit its rising global markets. Globe valve products include Iron, Steel, and Special Alloy materials with international specifications such as API/BS/EN/AWWA/ISO, etc.


Top Pressure Relief Valve Manufacturer In Europe

Pressure relief valves (safety relief valves) are designed to be opened at a predetermined pressure and drain fluids before the pressure decreases to correct levels.

In operation, the pressure relief valve stays usually closed until the pressure upstream exceeds the desired set pressure. The valve cracks as the pressure are reached and continue to open further, allowing more flow as the pressure increases. When the upstream pressure decreases a few psi below the fixed pressure, the valve shuts again.

LESER GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, Germany.

Established: 1818

Website: https://www.leser.com/en-us/

Valve Types: API, High Efficiency, Compact performance Pressure relief valves, Etc.

Certification: ISO 9001, API, Etc.

With 1,050 employees, eight branches, and distribution associates in more than 80 countries, the Hamburg-based company LESER is the biggest maker of safety valves in Europe and one of the leading firms in its industry globally. LESER manufactures more than 130,000 safety valves a year in manufacturing plants in Hohenwestedt, Germany for global markets, as well as in Pathain, India, and Tianjin, China for local markets. The production of LESER can be defined by a high production depth.


Top Check Valve Manufacturer In Europe

Check valves are used to avoid reversing the flow in pipelines and attached machinery.  The two most popular designs of the check valve are the swing and the lift check valve.

OMB Valve SpA, Cenate Sotto, Bergamo, Italy

Established: 1973

Website: https://www.ombvalves.com/

Valve Types: Axial Check, Swing Check, Dual Plate Check Valve, etc.

Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 15848, API 602, API 6A, etc.

The OMB Valves Company is a diversified valve maker for the oil industry. OMB is a family-owned and run company that has been an internationally known producer of valves for the oil & gas, fuel, shipping, and aerospace industries.

They specialize in engineered valves for heavy applications with an emphasis on a high-pressure operation. From its formation, the organization has established a Local Purchasing and Local Production strategy to promote the growth of areas where the company works and operates.


Top Plug Valve Manufacturer In Europe

Plug valves (also defined as cock valves) consist of a tapered or parallel side plug, which could be turned by a quarter turn in the body of the valve. The quarter-turn allows the valve to be completely closed or fully opened. There are two standard forms of plug valves, which are Lubricated plug, Non-lubricated plug.

Galli&Cassina, Solaro, Milano, Italy.

Established: 1919

Website: http://gallicassina.com/

Valve Types: Pressure balanced lubricated, PTFE sleeved, Dual seal plug valve, etc.

Certification: ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001.

Galli&Cassina is a leading Italian valve manufacturing company, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of a complete range of plug valves.

G&C has begun with the huge development of Plug Valves to support the oil & gas industry worldwide, being one of the major suppliers for all foreign oil & gas firms in the world.



There are several European valve manufacturers. When choosing a flow control valve for your application, this allows you a wide range of different options. If new modern valve manufacturers continue to expand, these companies are under pressure to continue manufacturing valves of very high standards. This makes choosing the right valve manufacturer to meet your needs more challenging. To encourage your hunt, we’ve listed a few valve manufacturers in Europe.

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